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sujon kumar3262
May 09, 2022
In Through A Bunny's Eyes
Our cookie policies can be found here. According to C Level Executive List comScore, in 2015 only 47% of impressions were “in-view” worldwide ; also in Italy the average percentage is 47%, higher than that of France (42%) and the UK (38%). From the same research, it emerges that the sites of the main publishers perform better in terms of viewability C Level Executive List than the smaller and more vertical ones (53% vs 31%). How the market changes An example in Italy is Banzai: since 2014, in order to guarantee its customers a higher viewability rate, the media company C Level Executive List has decreased the inventory basins. Excluding foreign IPs, eliminating the C Level Executive List autorefresh of the pages and distinguishing sites, sections and positions in the sale. low viewability. It also designed a new page structure, introducing scroll banners on the page, and studying an optimal positioning of the formats. Shares that have brought Viewability rates to around 57-70% against a market C Level Executive List average of 50%. Greater transparency can certainly benefit the entire online ADV market, which today accounts for 30% of the advertising market, driven by Video, Mobile and Social, according C Level Executive List to data from the Observatories of the Politecnico di Milano. Knowing that on average only one in two impressions C Level Executive List purchased by companies is actually seen by consumers can introduce new negotiating levers on the price of online advertising: on the one hand , investing companies C Level Executive List could push to pay only the impressions seen, but paying for them at the same current price; on the other hand, publishers require to increase the price of the impressions C Level Executive List displayed. UPA and FCP-Assointernet have launched a joint and ongoing work table to address the issue of viewability of Display.

sujon kumar3262

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